what is zenrun

What is ZENRUN?

The ZENRUN is an App, a 5K race as well as a virtual race.

It was developed with the intention of teaching runners how to focus their minds to improve performance using meditative/mindfulness techniques; and to connect minds all over the world through the power of intention.

The 5K RACE is a physical race packed with meditation, yoga, prizes, medals and fun.

The VIRTUAL RACE connects runners all over the world in a single intention during our physical races and it motivates runners to earn medals and miles during our monthly virtual events through the app.

The ZENRUN APP serves as a tool to help runners improve their posture, focus their minds, and optimize breath work for improved performance.

Participants can run on site during our events, or participate from wherever they are worldwide, whether it's running around their neighborhood, through a forest, or on a treadmill as a virtual runner.

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Time left to register...

  • 153 Days
  • 15 Hours
  • 53 Min
  • 15 Secs
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This race isn’t possible without the hard work and dedication from our volunteers. This year, we need your help! Please contact ​info@zenrun.us​ for more information or fill out the form below. This is a great opportunity for teams from work, schools, or groups and individuals alike to join in the fun!

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